Welcome to Wasted Youth Tattoo & PMA Piercing! 

PMA Piercing and WYT's mission statement is "To provide the best body art services available!".  We do custom tattooing & professional body piercing. Our state-of-the-art studio is on the cutting edge for appearance, accessibility, and cleanliness. We pride ourselves in being the cleanest studio around with the friendliest staff and a relaxed environment. Our artists are trained in Bloodborne Pathogen, Principles of Infection Control, First Aid, CPR and AED along with yearly continued education. Our Body Piercers are proud members of the Association Of Professional Piercers

Our studio was designed to surpass industry standards along with the health standards set by the State of Illinois, APP and APT. We practice aseptic technique and use all standard precautions in our procedures. The studio has a modern processing facility and collects documentation for all pre-sterilized and in house sterilized items.

Wasted Youth Tattoo is a fully disposable studio. With single use needles, tubes, inks, and fluids for every client. We use new barriers and drapes on all stationary items for every Tattoo. The artists at Wasted Youth work really hard to give you a clean, safe tattoo, that you will want to show off for years. Our artists are not filled with pretentious attitude, instead they enjoy working with you to create a one of a kind piece of art that both of you can be proud of.

PMA Piercing practices traditional and free-hand piercing techniques. We utilize the most modern Statim G4 autoclave to sterilize your jewelry in the room with you there. We only Pierce using the finest body jewelry. And you can find us utilizing implant grade Titanium and Gold, that meet APP standards in materials and are Internally threaded or thread-less . The availability of in house anodizing for all Titanium jewelry gives you almost endless possibilities of colors and patterns. Our Piercers are second-to-none for knowledge and bedside manor, rest assured that you will be in safe hands here.


171 turns 10!!!  

On Nov. 25th 2006, Suburban 171, inc. originally opened the doors of our 1st studio in Lockport, Il. 
10 years later and a couple small moves, we are located in Romeoville, Il. and rocking our 171 banner with WYT and PMA! We would like to put out a huge Thank You out to all our amazing clients for 10 years of support and keeping us feed. None of what we do is possible with out all of you. We have had some changes over these years, but our endless commitment to give you all our very best everyday will never change. We have big plans for our 10th year and 2017, so be sure to keep stopping by to see what we are up to and get that new art or jewelry you’ve been dreaming about. We love you guys! Thank You!


Stop in today to make an appointment for your next tattoo or to get a piercing or some new jewelry..
Our showroom hours are 3-8pm everyday with extended hours by appointment. Piercing appointments 
can be made by phone during normal business hours.

Contact us at 630-312-8151 or WastedYouthTattoo@gmail.com

Wasted Youth Tattoo & PMA Piercing
1335 Lakeside Dr.
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Romeoville, IL. 60446
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