CURTIS COYAZO aka RICK DOOM! is our resident new school artist. He started his apprenticeship in Lockport with us back in 2010.  In 2011 he left to improve his skills with former 171 artist Rob Goodkind.  He returned to finish the program with us in 2013 and we are lucky to have him today!  Curtis’ style stands out with a Rick Flair level of boldness; he showcases bright colors with a twist on normal perspective.  He loves doing nerdy tattoos with video game or comic themes, but also enjoys detail work like stippling and mandalas.

 Stop in and talk to Curtis about designing a fresh piece of art for you!

Curtis' Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 3-8pm  

Contact Curtis at:

INSTAGRAM @c_coyazo171



Romeoville: 630-312-8151

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